Mr. Kaoru Ogimi, founder of sail training in Japan as representative owner of S.T.S. Kaisei and president of Sail Training Association of Japan, and who dedicated the promotion of ocean yachting in Japan as vice chair of Nippon Ocean Racing Club had died 18th September, 2009.
Our deepest condolences to him for his contribution to STAJ and KAISEI.

Welcome to the virtual museum "STAJ & KAISEI MEMORIAL".

This web site is dedicated to Sail Training Association of Japan (STAJ) and Sail Training Ship KAISEI (means "Ocean Planet"). STAJ and KAISEI stopped its 12-year operation as of November 2003 much owing to the financial reasons, and the Organization was officially dissolved as of June 28, 2004 with the approval of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. STS KAISEI left for her new life and she is now operated by an American Company, OCEAN VOYAGE INSTITUTE.

A group of ex-crews, volunteers and ex-trainees formed a new (non-profit, volunteer basis) organization, STAJ & KAISEI MEMORIAL, to preserve and maintain the records of sail training activities done by STAJ and KAISEI. The web site is redesigned to share the memories of STS KAISEI and her 12 years of voyages in various forms, and to maintain the records of her activities in STAJ.

The updates of the web site may not be as frequent as it should be, and the information we can share with you at the moment is rather small, but we continue to strive our hardest to share more information of STS KAISEI and STAJ to serve those who sailed with us.

We wish you enjoy the web site, and remember STS KAISEI forever in your heart!!

Toshikazu "Ba-san" Shibasaki, Director
& Voluntter Staffs

Created: December 1, 2004
Last Updated: August 5, 2006